As always, the new year has brought new trends along with it. Giving your home a fresh start to bring in the new decade will surely brighten up your space and get your mind excited for what is to come. We have 5 of the biggest trends in interior design for 2020, and we hope they inspire you as you change up your décor in the new year. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and want some guidance with your home’s makeover, Style Custom Homes is the team to call. Our design professionals know the latest trends and know how to implement them to freshen your home’s interior.

1. Wallpapered Restrooms

The once outdated use of wallpaper has made a comeback, and it is better than ever before! Sure, the typical floral patterns can still be used, but wallpaper is even more vibrant than it once was. Bright colors and geometric shapes are becoming more common for powder room walls; even textured wallpaper has become popular again. It is a fun, affordable alternative to painted on designs, and you can choose one that is super unique.

2. A Bathroom Sitting Area

Still looking at the most sacred area of a home, another cool thing to do in a more spacious bathroom is add a seating component. Small benches or stools can be placed near a bathtub or a vanity to create a luxurious feeling.

3. Colored Kitchens

All-white and monochromatic kitchens have been all the rage the last couple of years, but design experts are saying goodbye to that trend. Gray and blue are becoming more commonly used in a kitchen, sometimes alongside white cabinets. To add texture and variety, wood has also come into the mix in the form of shelves, islands and cooking utensils.

4. Designated Dining Room

As it is becoming more and more common for people to hang out at home with their friends instead of going out, having a designated dining room is returning to popularity. This is another room that can be used to show off your unique style with colors and furniture that is specific to you and your home. Let your guests see who you are!

5. Exciting Laundry Spaces

No longer are bathrooms the main statement rooms of a house. Laundry rooms are now a place to take some design risks. More decorative wallpaper, themed pieces and fun storage can add excitement to a traditionally mundane room.

Style Custom Homes: Keeping DFW Homes on Trend

2020 home trends are all about steering away from the popular minimalistic style and bringing back excitement to interior design. Patterns in unexpected places, adding texture and reestablishing a personal style should all be staples for your home in 2020. The design experts at Style Custom Homes offer home makeovers and design services to DFW residents. If you want to get even more custom, we also do full construction planning and building! Give us a call at (214) 550-2880 or visit our website to see what we have done for other homes in the Metroplex. We are committed to bringing you the stylish home you deserve this new year.