Setting up a stylish, personalized room in your house can be a lot of work. Choosing color schemes, furniture and art that all complement each other is not always an easy task, and it’s common to get things wrong before finding the winning combination. Below are five mistakes people frequently make when decorating their home. Style Custom Homes brings high quality design services to houses all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Custom builds, home makeovers and complete redesigns are just the beginning of what we can do. Call us today to learn more!

1. Extra Large Furniture

Before buying anything for a room, make sure to measure its dimensions. Bigger is definitely not better when it comes to furniture. Oversized furniture can make a room appear small and cramped. It’s also a good idea to add varying heights to your furniture, as this adds dimension and scale to the surroundings.

2. Leaving Out Greenery

Some people like to treat indoor plants and greenery as an afterthought or burden. Having to remember to water and maintain plants turns many off to their presence in their homes, but plants are great additions to your décor! Plants can help with the air quality in your home and make your environment appear brighter and more welcoming. If you don’t have a green thumb, look into low-maintenance plants like succulents, which don’t require much upkeep at all!

3. Absence of a Focal Point

Having too many small trinkets in a room can be distracting. When someone enters the room, their eyes will have a hard time focusing on anything, making an otherwise appealing room feel busy and crowded. Having one or two main pieces in your room can add focal points that help kick off conversations and give the room a purpose. These focal points can be emphasized with the direction your other furniture faces and by the use of framing.

4. Not Consulting an Expert

Wanting to DIY your space is a fun idea, but it can lead you into some design faux pas. Working with a design expert allows you to tap into your personal style in a way that is appealing to the eye and on trend. Take a look at Style Custom Homes’ gallery of room makeovers to see how we can bring a new life to your residence.

5. Poor Light Sources

A lack of overhead lighting or insufficient lighting sources is another reason many rooms do not reach their full potential. The combination of overhead lighting and other illumination, such as lamps and wall fixtures, adds more dimension to a room and can be very flattering.

Style Custom Homes: Keeping DFW Homes Stylish Every Day

Getting your home decorated in a fashion that brings out your personality and the beauty of your space is a fun but challenging endeavor. Interior design is truly about finding balance and highlighting the area’s built-in features. Of course, hiring professionals to help you isn’t a bad idea. The team at Style Custom Homes has worked on many houses in the DFW Metroplex and is happy to bring their skill and eye for style to you. Call us at (214) 550-2880 or visit our website to see our renovation, repair and decorating options. Let us bring your vision to reality!