The new year is always a great time to reinvent your space. Freshening up your home can brighten it up, make it more comfortable and reignite its livelihood. There are lots of things you can do to change up your living space, and we are going to share 8 trends you might want to incorporate into your home in 2020. Style Custom Homes can give a new light to your DFW area residence. We offer services from whole home makeovers to brand new custom-built homes Call us whenever you’re ready for some new style in the new year!

1. Warm Metals

Colors like gold and brass have resurged in popularity, as they deliver a beautiful contrast to light colors on walls and cabinets. Light fixtures, faucets, chair footing and wall decorations are all easy places to incorporate warm metals into your home.

2. Thrifty Upcycling

Rather than a full vintage look, people are opting to revamp thrifted pieces. Whether it is adding spray paint or bedazzling with faux jewels, thrift store finds can add one-of-a-kind touches to your home without making it look dated.

3. Get Specific

Do you have a random hobby or interest? Let it have its own spot in your home to create a personalized atmosphere. If you love coffee, have a spot in your kitchen dedicated to all things beans! Got a love for music? Keep a shelf on display showcasing your favorite artists and concert memorabilia. You could also have a wall dedicated to your favorite movies; just let your interests shine!

4. Lively Walls

Another item that is making a comeback after several decades is wallpaper. Specifically, wallpaper in your bathrooms. Bright, fun wallpaper in a small bathroom can add dimension and make it look more interesting.

5. Roomy Showers

People are loving the aesthetic of massive showers in a master bath. Big walk-in showers can make the whole master bedroom suite look more modern and upscale. Style Custom Homes can deliver full bathroom renovations to give your master suite the class it needs.

6. Out of This World

From NASA to aliens to astrology, outer space themed décor has become a hot item. Celestial prints can make any room look trendy, whether they are featured in a powder room or a kid’s bedroom. Just about everyone finds outer space fascinating.

7. Listen Up

These days, more and more people are adding sound systems to their living and entertaining areas. With the popularity of streaming parties and nights in watching movies, a quality surround system adds to the experience.

8. Back to Nature

Bringing nature into your home has a ton of benefits, and it looks fantastic. Plants can improve air quality and add color to any room. Wooden and stone furniture are also becoming more common, as they add elements of the outdoors to the comfort of your home.

Style Custom Homes: Keeping DFW Homes on Trend in 2020

A newly designed home can add comfort, functionality and value to your space. There are lots of different ways you can experiment with style, and there is no better time than the present! Style Custom Homes knows everything about remodeling, decorating and renovating. We offer a wide array of services to make your home unique to your wants and needs. Give us a call at (214) 602-7123 or visit our website to see all we can do for your home!