While with Folsom, this psychological profile of Bobby was compiled from a detailed report prepared by John A. Batrus, PH.D., Consulting Psychologist with Batrus-Hollweg & Associates, Psychological Consultants to Industry:

“Highly conscientious and serious-minded in attitude toward work.”

“Highly independent and self-reliant, willing to assume responsibility for own actions.”

“Overall mental abilities are excellent. Able to deal effectively with both verbal and quantitative information and can use both in problem solving.”

“Enjoys specific and practical problem solving. Tends to be analytical in approach and likes to think through a problem in a step-by-step manner.”

“Shows a level-headed, stable and even-tempered outlook and does not typically let feelings run away. Capable of handling most stress and recovers quickly from frustration. Generally keeps emotions and feelings in perspective.”

“Highly sociable, gregarious and people-oriented individual who enjoys dealing with people. Enjoys spending time developing relationships and interacting with others in a considerate manner. Others will see individual as outgoing and approachable.”

“Highly ambitious and aspiring.”