Knowing how to add value to your home doesn’t always mean taking the reins on a bold, dramatic change. Small improvements here and there can help you enjoy your home until it’s time to sell – be it next year or the coming decade, while still adding surprising value overall. At Style Home Makeovers in Richardson, TX, our team of experienced design professionals and builders has spent years working with people throughout the DFW Metroplex on a wide variety of home renovation and improvement projects

It doesn’t matter whether you say goodbye to your home or choose to stay in the long run. Your home and quality of life will always matter to you. For this reason, it’s worth adding to the overall comfort of your home while also enjoying the potential for an increase in resale prices in the end. Do you want to optimize your home to get the best out of it, or increase instant resale prices? Try these simple tips to add more value to your property.

Start by Focusing on Storage Space

Smaller houses or older properties without a lot of storage space can cause overcrowding or clutter in a variety of places. Finding or adding smart storage solutions can help you organize your home better. This additional organization makes your home more relaxed when you live in it – and you can easily show off this highly desirable feature when you are ready to sell. For example, look for multipurpose furniture that offers hidden storage. A living room table with a lifting lid or sofa with storage options offers additional storage space without adding to the clutter.

Think About Renovating Your Kitchen

As the nerve center of most homes, kitchen renovations are the easiest way to add practical and financial value to your home. For example, an older kitchen layout could feel awkward and might not give you enough room to move. Changing the location of cabinets and equipment can revolutionize the use of space and make it an excellent place to spend your time. You don’t even need to invest in big changes. Simple improvements with new doors or cabinets can make the kitchen area more modern, brighter and more attractive.

Landscaping Makes a Difference

Whether you decide to hire a professional or test out your green fingers, it is never a bad idea to turn your attention towards the outside of your home. Spend some time designing the exterior of your property to create a more comfortable environment for you and any future residents. If your yard is difficult to manage, consider adding pavement or a decking option for reduced maintenance needs. If your hedges or plants are blocking the light, then consider trimming them. Simple changes can make your home more attractive as soon as someone walks by!

Invest in a Serious Cleaning

A new and popular trend during spring cleaning is to take the time to decide whether your belongings are a “sparkle of excitement”. If not, get rid of them! This contributes to the openness and comfort of your home by providing more space and a relaxed atmosphere. While it is understandably easy to want to keep everything you’ve ever purchased or might own, there are quite a few things laying around that simply add to the clutter of any space instead of serving any real purpose.