If you’re like most people, having a comfortable, easily accessible space for your clothes in the master bedroom is an important part of your ideal home environment. Having a space to store your clothes is one thing, but having a space where you can genuinely enjoy the process of picking what to wear is an integral part of any custom home design. In most cases, this space would be the closet of your master bedroom.

The wonderful thing about designing a custom home is that you’re entirely in control of every feature found inside, including the master bedroom closet! This means that instead of a cramped space where your clothes are stored so tightly packed together that you forget some even exist, you can have a space that allows you to genuinely get involved in the process of choosing your clothes.

Whether you’re just waking up in the morning, preparing for a big day, getting ready to go out for fun, anticipating a big date, or just looking to unwind, chances are you’ll end up in your closet looking for just the right clothes for the occasion. By having a space that is comfortable, and organized just the way you need to make everything as easy as possible, the process of choosing clothes can be exciting instead of a chore. 

At Style Home Makeovers, our team of skilled professionals has helped families throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area with a variety of projects ranging from small remodeling jobs and total room makeovers to full-scale custom home construction projects. To help make the process of designing your ideal master bedroom closet easier, we’ve gathered some ideas that can turn the space into the ideal area for handling your clothes! 

Must-Have Shelves and Drawers

Not everything can be put onto a hanger, and it can be inconvenient to leave the closet area to search for certain things you have in mind for an outfit. Instead, take the time to plan out a section of the closet where shelves and drawers can be installed and accessed with ease. Adding a series of shelves at different heights along with drawers to store everything from jewelry and accessories to shoes can be a great way to make choosing a look for the day easy and fun instead of tedious.

Add a Place to Sit Down

Sometimes, putting together your outfit for certain occasions will require sitting down. Instead of taking the time to leave your closet area only to return later, consider adding a bench or a similar area where you can sit down comfortably. If you are designing a custom home, then it is always a great idea to allow a little extra space for this type of addition to your master bedroom closet area. 

Plan for a Mirror

When choosing an outfit to wear, it is always important to be able to see the results of your choices before heading out into the world. This means having access to a mirror that will allow you to inspect everything from top to bottom. For many people, this can be a challenge because most mirrors won’t allow for a total inspection. To avoid this problem, spend a little time installing a full-sized mirror in your master bedroom closet so that you can be sure that everything you’ve chosen is exactly the way you hoped it would be.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Putting together a good outfit involves more than a choice of clothes. For many people, it also means picking the perfect set of accessories to complete a specific look. Instead of taking the time to sort through a disorganized collection of accessories somewhere else in your home, make an area specifically for accessories in your master bedroom closet.

Whether this is a display table integrated into the room, a specially designed shelf area, or even a customized drawer system, an area for accessories can be a wonderful way to enhance the overall appeal of your clothing space.

Let Our Design Team Help You!

At Style Home Makeovers, our design team has years of experience helping clients with a variety of challenges ranging from fireplace updates and room remodels to total home designs. If you’re thinking about redesigning your master bedroom closet or searching for ideas during your custom home design process, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team so we can work with you to make a space for your clothes that you can enjoy every single day!