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At Style Home Makeovers we help each customer re-discover their style.  We want to explore your home’s original beauty and charm while increasing its value and functionality with designer touches, custom materials and exceptional craftsmanship.  Our “Neo Classic” philosophy will sure to impress. From simple room makeovers to full scale home renovations or additions, our cost effective and efficient service will provide a fantastic project experience.


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Our Services

Custom Home Builder

Plans and specifications should be constructed for the way families live today. open and Airy floor plans, custom features and individuality in every square foot

Designer Services

The finishing touches are so important to complete the perfect home building experience. Each customer can discover their style at one of our various design center locations through-out the DFW metroplex.

Home Makeovers

Discover how to compliment the beauty and charm of your existing home while increasing it’s value with new custom finishes. Bring your original love to life with home remodeling from Style Home Makeovers.


Discover your homestead with one of our premium homesites or purchase your own homesite through one of our development and Realtor partners. Click Here to Learn More about our Land Development Services.

Add Depth to Your Custom Walls with Dimensional Tiles

Add Depth to Your Custom Walls with Dimensional Tiles

There are endless options when it comes to personalizing the look of your home. Between décor and furniture, there are tons of elements to choose from when designing and decorating a home to make it uniquely yours. One thing that many people do not consider as an option is the use of exciting, dimensional tiles on their walls. We are going to give you some tips on how to incorporate dimensional tiles into your walls to create a unique, 3D, eye-catching look. Style Custom Homes is available to service DFW homeowners in all their home makeover needs. From designer services to custom builds, we can do it all. Give us a call today to learn more!

What is Bespoke Interior Design and Why is it So Popular?

What is Bespoke Interior Design and Why is it So Popular?

In the design world, there are many words that are used interchangeably and incorrectly. Often, people confuse something being considered bespoke with something being customized, but that is not necessarily what it means. Bespoke design has its own special definition, separate from the simplicity of something being customized, and there are plenty of reasons the style is becoming more and more common in homes. DFW homeowners have Style Custom Homes to bring them the highest quality and individualized designs. Give us a call when you want to work with a company who will always give you exactly what you ask for.

Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Knowing how to add value to your home doesn’t always mean taking the reins on a bold, dramatic change. Small improvements here and there can help you enjoy your home until it’s time to sell – be it next year or the coming decade, while still adding surprising value overall. At Style Home Makeovers in Richardson, TX, our team of experienced design professionals and builders has spent years working with people throughout the DFW Metroplex on a wide variety of home renovation and improvement projects.

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