Six Unique Ways to Find Your True Design Personality

Determining your design taste can be a project in and of itself. Are you a traditionalist or a contemporary? Maybe you have a flair for the eclectic. Try these six unique ways to find your true design preference… and start decorating!

1. Get Inspired

Create an inspiration binder or a home décor board on Pinterest. Browse the internet and magazines, collecting pictures of rooms, furniture and décor that you love. Notice which themes are recurring – do you have multiple photos of Brazilian hardwood floors or are your pages filled with plush carpeting? Do the kitchens you’ve cut out feature concrete countertops or gleaming granite? Do your dream bathrooms have natural stone floors or luxury vinyl? Let this collection of inspiration guide you toward your own personal design.

2. Get In the Closet

You might not be able to identify your design preference, but you can probably choose clothing from your favorite store without too much difficulty. Open up your closet and take a look at your favorite outfits. Look for trends in color, texture, pattern and fabric. Is your fashion sense serious, playful, trendy or classic? Chances are this translates to your home design sense as well.


3. Press Play

What does your taste in pop culture say about you? Maybe more than you think. These days, we’re less likely to have a stack of albums (unless you have a cool retro collection framed in your den) in favor of a few dozen playlists on an iPod. But whether they’re real or virtual, take a look at the cover art on those albums. Are you a fan of trendy pop music or do you prefer 90’s hip-hop? Maybe you’re a Billie Holiday fan with a 40’s vibe or a colorful 80’s fan with a flair for techno rock. Let music be your decorator muse!

4. Phone a Friend

Sometimes those closest to us know us better than we know ourselves. Think about it: You could probably easily name the styles of your three closest friends, but pegging your own design preference is more difficult. So turn the question on them. How would your BFFs describe your design style?

5. Pop Quiz Time

There are literally dozens of quizzes online that can help you determine your design preference. She Knows and Oprah Magazine are two worth checking out.

6. Take a Field Trip

Our design partner wholesale showrooms have multiple kitchens and baths set up for your viewing pleasure. With the help of a Style Home Makeovers design expert, you can schedule a visit to your local design partners showroom. Select samples of your favorite flooring, cabinets and countertops and look for patterns in your choices. Most Showrooms will have a Kitchen & Bath Designer on staff to answer questions and assist you with design questions. They’ll be able to guide you through choosing from various looks such as coastal, contemporary, eclectic, modern, rustic, traditional or transitional. After a visit,  you may find that you have more finely developed taste than you thought!