For most of us, building a fully personalized and customized home can be equal parts exciting and intimidating. There is never any question, everyone is ready to live in their dream home, but the path to get there can be a frightening prospect. The best way to familiarize yourself with the specific construction process is to take some time for in-depth research and then find the right partner to work with. At Style Home Makeovers in Richardson, TX, our team of experienced design professionals and custom home building experts has spent years working with residents throughout the DFW Metroplex on a wide variety of projects. 

If you have a good idea about all the specific design steps and the right team, all the important parts of the process are already going to seem far less intimidating. Designing and getting through the construction process for your uniquely customized home should never be an overwhelming challenge, instead, it should be filled with excitement and entertainment as you take every chance to be entirely in control of the final results.

The first thing to do when you are ready to build is to find the right team for the job – even before selecting a lot, and certainly not before diving into the designs of a house. Your chosen team will be your partners throughout the process. The smart step is to stay by determining who has the privilege of building your house with you before doing anything else. If you choose Style Home Makeovers, we will support you every step of the way, including lot selection. This way you can ensure that the desired location not only represents the right topography for your home but also that the height and expectations of the house will fit correctly at the end.

Think Critically About Your Budget and Time Constraints

Here’s the reality: Building a house is going to be a very large investment of your time and money. In addition to the price of the land itself, the approval and excavation and grading process will all need to be handled before you can even think about breaking ground on your future home. Finally, there are actual construction costs, an allowance for upgrading, and property landscaping. Our team can help you determine your budget and provide recommendations on banking and financing options. It is usually safest to have 30 to 60 days to process funding.

Building a house is like having a baby – there is plenty of time to prepare before starting work. In this case, a good rule of thumb is to plan a construction time that could last anywhere from seven to sixteen months on average, depending on the size and complexity of your home and unpredictable weather. The good news is that many things happen together with the home building process. For example, you can determine the suitability of the property and at the same time find out how much garage space you need. 

Developing Your Idea into Real Designs

After the initial figures are complete, we will invite you to our design center to outline your plans and concepts. Our team will work with you to determine how your family lives. Do you want lots of room in the backyard to have fun and play? A second outdoor kitchen and living space? Have you always longed a classic style house with a stone façade and gables, or a modernized home with plenty of glass? Together we will realize your dreams and get you the latest information on elements and architectural design.

Selecting Interior Features, Appliances, and Finishing Touches is Simple

A question many of our clients ask us about how to handle things like cabinets, tables, and floors. As mentioned, we have a design center with a large selection of choices for every part of your home from light fixtures to shelving and appliances. After construction, you will have ample time to choose all the details and highlights that make your home unique.

Progress Updates

We’ll give you a construction timeline and keep you apprised of any changes to that schedule or unanticipated delays. You’re more than welcome to visit the site during the build process, but remember it is a worksite and dress accordingly–no open-toe shoes or heels, please.

Ask Style Home Makeovers in Richardson, Texas For More Information

If you’re feeling intimidated by the process of designing and building your unique dream home, then the first thing you should do it to contact our team as quickly as possible. With years of experience and insider knowledge about the industry as a whole, our team is always ready to work with you to develop a clear plan of action to help you reach the outcome you’ve been hoping for!